Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scene in Dubrovnik

Some of the people eating at the cafes or round the statue in the square
 just below our apartment in the old town Dubrovnik.

 Congratulations to Blogger for dealing with the large amount of spam which has been causing a problem over recent months, for now, at least, the spammers seem to have given up. The new uploader for photos is also good, but placing them is a bit of a nightmare. Perhaps I just haven't got the hang of it yet.


  1. These sketches are great and I love your vacation photos!

  2. What lovely characterful sketches.
    I agree about the spam...I get some every day but blogger filters it all out. I wonder why the spammers bother.

  3. Dubrovnik looks great & your sketches look wonderfully free - at least you get your book out & draw!

    New header? Lovely.

  4. Love the simplicity of these--lots of charm!

  5. My beautiful stitched pin arrived while I was away for a few days. it is beautiful. I opened it today on my Birthday. I feel very special.

  6. Your drawing have so much feeling. I love them all.


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