Monday, October 30, 2006

Pekin Knots

I am starting to work on the shaped felt now. Above is a sample, made years ago, based on a dry stone wall in The Lake District. I remembered it when thinking about my felt rocks and planning how to work the embroidery. I was amazed to see the intricate tiny stitches I produced at that stage.

I bubbled up some synthetic organza using a heat gun and painted scraps to be my ice and lichen round the rocks. Tiny stitches, Chinese or Pekin knots. I read somewhere that people went blind working these - I can well believe it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Having a blog since the start of this year has brought me a lot of new interest and satisfaction; not least of which was selling one of my book covers to a 'blogger' in New York. My first international sale! You can find this discerning person over on serenityis bliss. I also was lucky enough to do a trade for two pieces of artwork by tara you can see her unique work and purchase it by following the link.
These transactions gave me much pleasure, especially as both people liked and enjoyed my work. This is the sort of feedback which keeps you going, paticularly on those grey, wet days.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Knitting and Stitching Show

I was at Alexandra Palace yesterday. The show was amazing as usual, a chance to see top textile artists and to shop till you drop. However, this year there was added sadness to suddenly see the book of condolence for Val Campbell-Harding and to find that she had been buried the day before. It was a real shock. Many will never have had the 'experience' of a class with her but will have been inspired by her books which are the bibles for machine embroidery. There is a virtual book of condolence on the Computer Textile Design Group site.
On a happier note a generous young woman on the felt makers ' stall gave me two felting needles. If you look at her site you will see felt with a whole new scope,

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shibori Felt

I have had my first go at this type of felt today, inspired by a piece I saw at Windsor by Angela Scolding which was based on a crab shell. Mine is very much a first attempt but I am pleased with the effect. I followed Sheila Smith's instructions with whom I once did a felt making course at Urchfont Manor.I felted Merino tops and African Wild Silk onto scrim which I had dyed. I found a bag of glass shapes in a Charity Shop which were ideal for the shaping.

Here it is all tied up and soapy, and then taking shape as the real felting begins.I have now left it to dry. Don't you think the scrim side looks so tactile; I have made it my desktop picture. I plan to embroider the piece at some point.
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