Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'A story for very Little Girls'

Finally got round to using this book cover to make a book using a selection of papers, including some nice thick watercolour paper.
As you see, I attempted Coptic binding again, not perfect but not too bad. One of the kettle stitches is not right; it is one of those things you can only practise by doing and that takes a lot of paper, not to speak of patience.
The cover was cleaned and the picture given a coat of acrylic wax. In a moment of serendipity I used some baby talc on the leather and it seemed to bring it up nicely.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photos and more.

There are some nice things to do with your photographs now. I had a gift token for Blurb for Christmas but haven't decided what sort of book to make with my photographs as yet. The picture of the onions with my stitching in the background was a present from one of my sons for Christmas; you can see the link under Photos to Canvas.

The address book has one of my photos on the back and front, it is printed onto a lovely silky material. The link to the supplier is under 'gift ideas'.
Thanks for the comments about the exhibition. I don't have many photographs of the work as it was very crowded and also because we were all given a CD of all the work shown. It was extremley well organized.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Women

the 13th Women's Work
The Fairground Craft & Design Centre
Weyhill, Andover, Hampshire SP11 0QN
11th March to Sunday 22 March 2009
(Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)
10am to 4pm

This is an exhibition well worth the visit if you live anywhere near. The works had to be small enough to be displayed in a CD case or to meet certain size restrictions if 3D.
There is a huge variety of styles. We bought two small prints, as everything is reasonably priced and it is nice to have an original artwork.

One of my pieces was selected and is an artist’s book with the title ‘World Stability is Hanging by a Thread’, which is a headline I found in the newspaper. I like it because it feels so nice being made from handmade paper into which I laminated lots of thread.Unfortunately you don't get to touch it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Felt and Print

I have been making a few new items for Etsy, mainly because I just wanted to make some felt and also try out the idea of printing with fruit and vegetables.

This small felt purse is made of merino wool with silk tops and some pieces of dip-dyed Wensleydale Fleece (this has a lovely kink but I find I have to separate it out to get it to felt into the surface). The inside is nice as it has a first layer of blended purple and white merino
The part of the purse which I like best is the edging of tiny felt balls with small beads. Fun to make. There is no sense of scale here but the purse is about 13cms high and the felt balls only a cm..
I decided not to fasten the flap down as I think it would spoil the purse but I suppose it makes it less practical, but then you can hardly say it’s a practical item.

This is a piece of the cotton printed with fabric paint and then washed over with Dyna Flow. It looked drab until I overprinted with two shades of gold acrylic which I think lifted the fabric. The lining is silk dupion.
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