Saturday, September 11, 2010

'Summer Giveaway' last chance.

This is the last chance to join in the ‘summer’ giveaway.

Scroll down to the post for August 9th to see how to join in before I draw the two winners on September 13th.

I came back from my holiday in Dubrovnik in Croatia last night.
We stayed in an apartment in one of the main squares and it was great to see and hear the fruit and vegetable market setting up every morning but like NY Dubrovnik never seems to sleep, so I must admit it was good to be back in my sleepy part of the world.
I will post some photos later.

These are pictures of what I will be sending for the Vintage and Ephemera swap this month; I don’t regularly contribute but thought it would be fun this month and just collected bits and pieces over a few weeks and then this little book came together. See the link in my sidebar.

Waiting on my doorstep was my copy of ‘The Found Object’ by Cas Holmes, which I had preorderd. I opened it in bed this morning feeling quite excited. A book about all the things I love to do, collecting papers, printing, stitching. I wondered if it would disappoint, as at first it seemed quite a slim book, but page after page seems crammed with information to stimulate even more creativity. I started by just looking at the images, which are almost enough in themselves. I like to eat my boxes of chocolates slowly and savour every mouthful, and that’s how I plan to enjoy this book, if only I can stop myself from being greedy.


  1. I used to ponder over a packet of that mending stuff which was always in my mums cookery book with lot of other precious bits and pieces all my young life. I think it must have been a sample. Am I right in thinking its just plastic?

  2. Living over a square sounds great, as you say for a bit. Nothing like coming home but we have to go away first!

    I've been trying to decide between India Flint's book, Art Cloth, (but I don't have the first one), the Embellishing book by Maggie Grey & Val C-H & I LOVE Cas H's work...what to do, I can't justify all of them! I am already a magpie but a bit of focus wouldn't go amis! Can't wait to see what you think of your new book.


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