Monday, June 29, 2009


There will be a couple of posts now about the book I worked on over the last few months for an exhibition; unfortunately, it didn’t get selected but it did keep me out of trouble for awhile.

These were some of my first thoughts.

I chose to make a book about the closure of Woolworths because my school friend’s mother worked there and my first Saturday job was in Woolworths on the haberdashery counter.

There are many people’s memories on the internet and many are similar to my own. We used to go there after school when they had a sort of bar where you could get chicken and stuffing sandwiches. I must say I hated the job but still have some fond memories of the shop.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cake and more.

20th June, my birthday. I’ve made a big chocolate cake to celebrate and I intend to have much more than my fair share.

I’m also getting the bits and pieces ready for the next short workshop which I am organizing on Wednesday 24th June at Doodles craft shop in Tadley near Basingstoke.
We will be, hopefully, having fun printing with Quick Print on paper using acrylic paints and brusho inks. I have found a good tip is to mix the brusho with acrylic gloss medium which then acts as a resist to a top coat of water based paint etc. The next session I plan to use the same printing method but using fabric paints on fabric.
I know you would really have liked a picture of the cake but I didn’t want to make your mouths water too much.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer is?

Summer is?
Originally uploaded by stitchworks-jackie
Seen at the Hackwood Art Festival.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I’m getting bits together now for the June button swap. The theme is beach, sand etc.It is fun to get the ideas and bits and pieces together and nice to receive a parcel; so far one from Oregon and one from Portugal. Anyone can join in and there is no on-going commitment; take a look here.
This is an old book illustration transferred to a piece of canvas with acrylic medium and then painted with acrylics.
This is not an advert for Boots The Chemists but rather a warning, if you know you are about to do something stupid, try to stop yourself. Listen to that sensible voice inside. I decided to make a print pad from a dried up embossing pad. What a good idea, and I would use a cheap blade not my good one. You can tell by the pic that this was not a good idea. After cutting myself I used a sponge instead.
The shell like stamp was made with Quick Print.

Some more handmade buttons. I bet you just know I’ll be moving on to a new fad shortly!
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