Monday, September 13, 2010

A lucky day to be called Penney or even Penny.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Summer Giveaway. I made the random draw today and strange to say but both winners are called Penny, but the first out of the number generator was:
Penney from Woodlawn, Virginia, USA. I will send you this piece when you let me have your address by email (see my profile). As you may know the material came from Ger and I have added stamps and writing by her. You may like to add something of your own.

Second was Penny from near Victor Harbor, South Australia.
Again let me have your details so I can forward this Birdie Pin.


  1. Goodness!! I never win in giveaways and this week I have won two!!
    I love the birdie pin.
    Thank you so much, it has made a rather dull week a lot brighter.

  2. Hurrah, so my stamp + handwriting, not to mention the pinks, will wander to Woodlawn, Virginia... - + a pity about the beetroot, isn´t it - there MUST be a way to outwit it... ;)

  3. hello jackie!

    your blog is so wonderful! thank you for sharing your ideas! it's so exciting for me!

    best wishes


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