Sunday, March 30, 2014


In the week I had a very necessary tidy up and threw out, with regret, lots of useful wrapping paper, packaging etc.I found a few pieces left over from when I used to have a craft stall, I gave most of the items away when I decided the fun had completely gone out of it. I came across a small hanging made years ago, when I was obviously well into three dimensional paint;

 I suddenly had the brainwave to make it into a cushion cover, and then started to think of a backing, not necessary as it had a perfectly good backing already, which I simply opened up, cut off the hangers and stuffed with the filling from an old washed pillow. They always get lumpy when washed so I keep at least one to use as cushion filling.

I currently have three excellent books taken out from Hampshire libraries; so good that I am reluctant to take them back but it will have to be done.

 I recommend all three as a good read and inspirational. I hope you have a well-stocked library too.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gelli Plate and letters.

I have a rather nice alphabet set of wooden type which I bought via Etsy, I had the idea of using them with the Gelli Plate and had some fun with them. I just used them to give a graffiti like impression and was pleased with the results.

Starting to print.

After adding layers of white and then a metallic.

I took photographs and then printed one onto two pieces of TAP paper prior to ironing onto fabric.

 I liked it enough to make it into a small banner hanging. The metallic paint came out as a sort of orangey colour, but I thought it looked Ok, rather like one of those faded posters or walls one sees.

I also printed crops from the photos as small cards and made envelopes with some of the prints.

Over on Sketchbook Challenge this months’ theme has been warm and cool; why not take a look or join in.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Twining and Newspaper.

I have a number of bits and pieces on my board, one from a very long time ago is a folded strip of newspaper which I have zig-zagged stitched on the machine. I saw it and had the idea of making strips of newspaper, wider than the sample, to use in the same way as the rush pouch was made, particularly appealing as I have no rush, am unlikely to ever have any or even room for any.
Rush at City Lit. Basketry Taster Course.
I folded ten lengths of newspaper and then machined them; the folding is the time consuming part. The strips are surprisingly robust.

  I have a draw full of wool to choose from as the twining material but I found in it some bundles of plastic strips which I acquired in a sale when I was into knitting in the round – don't ask! You do need quite a lot of material for the weavers, but it is not difficult to add in new lengths.

So I just felt compelled to have a go at this and it worked out well. I thought of coating the paper in acrylic wax or similar but it doesn't really need it, it is quite tactile and strong as it is.

 Turning the top edge down.

It cannot be shaped as the rush or as felt could be after constructing, but it does make an open container, less flat than it appears in the photos.

Friday, March 07, 2014


I was lucky to find one of the books mentioned on the Basketry Taster course in our local library and I would certainly recommend it. Even if you have no interest in learning any of the suggested techniques it is an interesting read and it largely suggests working with readily available and often recycled materials. There are some lovely professional examples in the gallery section.

I probably will not take it much further but it has introduced me to new ideas and on a recent walk in the countryside I was looking for possible materials and testing them out, coiling them round my wrist, my companion thought this a bit odd. So the book is 'Practical Basketry' by Stella Harding and Shane Waltener.

I tried twining using a plastic cup and then went for something slightly bigger, did you guess:-

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