Sunday, October 30, 2011

crop exhibition in situ

crop exhibition in situ by rejectamenta
crop exhibition in situ, a photo by rejectamenta on Flickr.

Mine is the one with the apples; there is a life drawing on the inside, looks as if they were shy of showing that side!
Digital catalogue for under $4's.

Friday, October 28, 2011

'Crop Exhibition'

‘Crop’: An Exhibition of Experimental Artists’ Books

Avenue Campus reception and gallery corridor

The University of Northampton 31 October—16 December 2011 Open daily 10am-4pm

Opening Event: Tuesday 1 November 5-8pm

This is the seventh annual exhibition of experimental altered artists’ books, curated by Dr. Emma Powell (de Montfort University) and Melanie Bush (The University of Northampton). Work by international book artists will be on display alongside students from both institutions. For more details see the ‘We Love Your Books’ web site.

I'm pleased to say that my 'crop' book is amongst one of the 50 books chosen from the online exhibition to go on show at the above venue. I am hoping that there will be a catalogue as I have no chance of going to see the exhibition this year.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

FreeMotion Graffiti

There are a number of good reasons to stop by Alisa Burke’s blog at the moment; one is to congratulate her on the birth of her baby girl and to' oooogh and ah’ over the photos of the new baby. The other is to take a look at her new class Free Motion Graffiti. I was tempted and joined recently. I have been free machining for a long time, in fact back to the days when I had to take apart my old Singer to disengage the feed dogs – the machine itself was so heavy that my husband had to lift it onto the table for me. I think of free machining as a skill that takes some time to master, yet I have recently seen people new to it sit at an up-to-date Bernina and get going straight away with not one broken needle. Life moves on.

Anyway, back to the class. It is not expensive and frees up ones approach, and is fun to take part in. First of all I went back to Alisa’s DVD which I downloaded from Quilting Arts quite a time ago, and painted some fabrics ready to cut up.

These are some bits and pieces from the small throw I am making. I am also using both string and Quick Print blocks to show the different type of marks  they make, as a group I am teaching are in the process of making various types of simple printing blocks at the moment.

Monday, October 10, 2011

'Fragments from a Life'

As promised some time ago I am posting more details of the pieces I exhibited earlier this year for the exhibition ‘HerStory’. I made two pieces. The first was a fabric book. I used pieces of rusted fabric together with various fibres and scanned notes bonded with cocoon stripping. I also incorporated pieces of waxed paper which had been distressed with a wood burning tool. I wanted the book to look and feel very fragile and used ‘fuseFX’ a gossamer bonding mesh which was helpful to get the effect I was after. I was given a pair of rusty scissors the builder found in our garden which came at just the right time. I also added some pine needles which came from the road in Bournemouth where my mother lived.

Here are the notes for my submission for the exhibition:

‘Fragments from a Life’
When someone dies one can wish that, like the great diarists, they had left fulsome accounts of their life, telling all, answering all the unasked questions; however, most often we have only the odd fragments of fragile lives from which to try to piece together a story.

‘Fragments from a Life’ One and Two are based on this theme.
One piece is an artist’ book and the other is a small wall hanging.
Scraps of recipes, misspelled notes about how to manage a pension, very little is left, yet saying so much.

The second piece was a hanging loosely based on an open book. The pleated spine is padded. Some of the added elements use sheer fabric printed using a foam block. You may recognize the woman from my drawings of people in Dubrovnik last year; which shows that sketchbooks are really useful.

I thought I would post these here as now the excitement of the exhibition is well over it seems unlikely that they will see the light of day again for some time.

Friday, October 07, 2011

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