Monday, January 28, 2013

Lacy Grids

I thought I would work with the grid like structures within the rabbits scull, it could be called lacy but at the moment I am focusing on the layers and looking through aspect.

I have started by making a collage out of ripped magazine paper and working into it, I also did some charcoal drawing, encouraged by a recent episode from Design Matters, and then worked into that.

I am pleased with the photos I get by using the ipad and the quick way in which the images can be played with and manipulated. I know I can do the same thing on the computer but this is easier and less frustrating. O.K. I just like playing with my new toy.  I like the app called Snapseed and have also discovered Adobe Ideas via a Flickr group. Please let me know of any apps which you are using and I will check them out. I like ‘Ideas’ because you can use layers, work over a photo and then discard it.

 I am sure this will be ‘old hat’ to many of you and gobbledegook to the rest of you. But bear with me while I have fun.
Welcome to new 'followers' whom I  have not been able to get back to.

Monday, January 21, 2013


To mark the start of a new year I have just published my blurb book as an eBook, that is so simple to download to the ipad or similar device. Nice on the ipad as you are able to zoom in on details.

I try to show the range of contemporary stitch with images showing the use of fabric,paper,stitch,book art and of course felt.
For under £5 it good value,I would say that!
Here is the link or check my sidebar.

There is a short review on Margaret Applin's blog after she received the paperback version.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Paste Paper Notions

I have been enjoying myself using the paste papers I made last week in various ways in order to
try to inspire my two groups.

I made a little flag book, of course on each ‘flag’ you could put something different. I played with the idea of putting some instructions for making the paper but didn't get that far.

The covered box was popular, and so I decided to get out my pattern for making a folded box and was pleased when it worked.

 I could in fact be tempted to make lots of these, but at the moment I have run out of paper. I will have to make some more next week, so that will be good.

A book which is sewn onto cords, in this case cable ties.

A simple folded book which we are going to make into a ‘Little Book of Resolutions’.
Finally here is a picture for all those experiencing heat waves at the moment. Snow in the UK..

Monday, January 07, 2013

Paste Papers

In preparation for a couple of groups I have had another go at ways of making traditional paste papers.

 For the recipe I returned to  instructions on Lili's book binding blog 

 I also researched on the internet and found an interesting Martha Stewart video with the book binder Sage Reynolds; his recipe for the paste is slightly more complicated using alum and acrylic varnish. I would say the main tip is to do your best to get rid of lumps; in Sage Reynolds method the paper is brushed over completely with the paste before mark making and this really shows up the stray lumps, as he had the patience to strain his paste first he probably got rid of them

 Certainly next time I will take far more care to do away with the lumps. A link to historical examples of paste papers used in book binding is on the University of Washington site.

I tried stamping into the paste, but did not find that as satisfying, but it could be appropriate to a particular theme. Making these papers is quite addictive,so have plenty of paper and space ready.
The fascinating thing is how the paper dries sucking the paste in and leaving three dimensional marks.

I read a book which mentions printing over acrylic papers and I had to have a go just for the heck of it. My trusty printer coped well as I held my breath.

I made a layer on the computer and printed the pebbles out onto the paste paper.

If you would like to see some intricate paste papers and examples of beautiful folded books you can find them here on Anna Mavromatis' blog.

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