Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guess who swam the Channel!

You are so right, it wasn't me.
I'm just the proud mother. After a years' training and lots of hard work
 my son's relay team of 6 completed the swim in just over 16 hours.

With jelly fish,container ships and the dark to cope with I sort of hope he doesn't try it again.


  1. Wow well done them ........x

  2. wow, how amazing! I bet you held your breath the whole way! My eldest once mentioned the idea of Kilimonjaro...I'm still holding it in case he mentions it again!

  3. What an achievement! Well done to to all : )

  4. wow!!!!!

    i hope my son is going to be one like yours! today he is 5 months old!

    it's a good reason to be proud of him!

    greetings and best wishes from germany,

  5. You must be really proud. And must have been quiet worried!

  6. Wonderful adventurous spirits those young men have! Congratulations to them all and to you and their mothers for enduring the anxious wait for them to complete the swim. Greetings from South Africa, Sue.

    1. Thanks Sue, poor long suffering mothers. He has settled down now though, having just got married.


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