Friday, August 26, 2011

Giveaway Draw.

A few photos of West Deane, unfortunately photographs inside the house are not permitted. This is understandable as the house is not open to the public and contains many treasures which could not be replaced. This is the view from my room.

Along one corridor are artworks mostly of the Surrealists collected by Edward James who was a sponsor of the group.

The sparkling lights are from a row of chandeliers down one corridor.
 So these are a few random views before I get together some pictures of the samples from my course.The course was excellent and I feel really tired today as there was plenty to work on and try out.

The West Deane Festival starts this weekend on the parkland infront of the house.

The Giveaway winners are:
Lynda Howells
Robin Olsen

You will need to email your addresses so I can forward the small pieces of work.
Thank you to all those who took part and became followers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up-date on Summer Giveaway.

These are pics of the Summer Giveaways.

 I shall be away next week on a course at West Dean College . Follow the link if you want to know more about what they offer. Its exciting just looking at the images and colours.The title of the course is 'Exploring Stitches to Create Structure in Cloth' with Dionne Swift, whose work I have seen at Knit and Stitch. I particularly liked her work with felt.
For those of you who have no idea about West Dean it is a wonderful manor house, the former home of the eccentric Edward James, who set up a fellowship to support artists and craftspeople. He was a sponsor of artists such as Rene Magritte and Dali. His final years were spent in South America buiding a series of follies in the form of towers.
The house is amazing with lots of history and attached to this are very modern studios, including a professional weaving studio where the tapestries for the new Houses of Parliament were woven.
Then there is the food!
It is a real treat to myself to go there again, and I am telling myself to enjoy every minute. I do get a bit driven on courses, rather than just enjoying the moment. We shall be making a number of samples using 3D structures as inspiration, hopefully you will see the results here.

So,if you want to join the giveaway scroll down to the original topic,(July 12th) leave a comment there and join the followers list.Be in it to win it. I am thinking of adding a extra freebie too.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be part of THIS.

‘A collective charity project directed toward children and education.
This is a community ‘stitch a magic feather’ project’'

Spirit Cloth has started this project and put a video on her blog to guide you as to how to stitch the basic feather.

If you go to her blog ( see my links) and click on the side bar it takes you to the video and the instructions for taking part in the project.

Her plan is to post information about the Magic Feathers each Friday.She is hoping for at least 1000 feathers.
It is a good cause and a cheerful project to be part of, so take a look and join in.

Next week I will post pictures of the giveaway 'prizes' and it will be coming up to your last chance to have a go.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

August Challenge

Still having fun with the Sketchbook Challenge; this month’s theme is Every Day Objects. It is quite difficult drawing in my tiny bathroom but I made an attempt to sketch some of the bottles.

Eventually the two orange flannels turned into two women in burqas rushing across the room. Can you see them?

I printed the background with the top of an old deodorant tin. It works quite well and the side of the cap can be used for a lined effect.
I would like to recommend you take a look at the work of one of my new favourites on Flick ,an artist from Israel Sharon Pazner. Her work appears simple but the images are really fascinating. She uses rust, old nails and wire in her images. I found her via Cathy Cullis’ Mosaic Monday; she usually makes some excellent finds.

Don't forget to look at the Summer Giveaway post.

Blogger has been playing me up something awful today, but I suppose I will forgive and forget,eventually.
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