Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scene in Dubrovnik

Some of the people eating at the cafes or round the statue in the square
 just below our apartment in the old town Dubrovnik.

 Congratulations to Blogger for dealing with the large amount of spam which has been causing a problem over recent months, for now, at least, the spammers seem to have given up. The new uploader for photos is also good, but placing them is a bit of a nightmare. Perhaps I just haven't got the hang of it yet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As requested a few pictures from my recent holiday, already becoming a
 distant memory.
I did some sketches for my homework whilst I was there, but I still find it intimidating to sketch outside in public. Fortunatley we had plenty of life and activity in the market square just below our window.

A view down Stadum which despite the huge volume of crowds every day remains quite breath taking and beautiful.
Many of the roofs had to be rebuilt after the city was shelled in 1991, and from the walls you can see the contrast between the old roofs and those that have been replaced.

Either someone preserving their summer crop or doing a bit of solar dyeing.

There is plenty of design potential here and below it looks like the washing has been colour co-ordinated with the walls.

The day that a man came round to feed the pigeons; I missed the best picture as a cat pounced on the pile of pigeons feeding on the grain.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guess who swam the Channel!

You are so right, it wasn't me.
I'm just the proud mother. After a years' training and lots of hard work
 my son's relay team of 6 completed the swim in just over 16 hours.

With jelly fish,container ships and the dark to cope with I sort of hope he doesn't try it again.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A lucky day to be called Penney or even Penny.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Summer Giveaway. I made the random draw today and strange to say but both winners are called Penny, but the first out of the number generator was:
Penney from Woodlawn, Virginia, USA. I will send you this piece when you let me have your address by email (see my profile). As you may know the material came from Ger and I have added stamps and writing by her. You may like to add something of your own.

Second was Penny from near Victor Harbor, South Australia.
Again let me have your details so I can forward this Birdie Pin.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

'Summer Giveaway' last chance.

This is the last chance to join in the ‘summer’ giveaway.

Scroll down to the post for August 9th to see how to join in before I draw the two winners on September 13th.

I came back from my holiday in Dubrovnik in Croatia last night.
We stayed in an apartment in one of the main squares and it was great to see and hear the fruit and vegetable market setting up every morning but like NY Dubrovnik never seems to sleep, so I must admit it was good to be back in my sleepy part of the world.
I will post some photos later.

These are pictures of what I will be sending for the Vintage and Ephemera swap this month; I don’t regularly contribute but thought it would be fun this month and just collected bits and pieces over a few weeks and then this little book came together. See the link in my sidebar.

Waiting on my doorstep was my copy of ‘The Found Object’ by Cas Holmes, which I had preorderd. I opened it in bed this morning feeling quite excited. A book about all the things I love to do, collecting papers, printing, stitching. I wondered if it would disappoint, as at first it seemed quite a slim book, but page after page seems crammed with information to stimulate even more creativity. I started by just looking at the images, which are almost enough in themselves. I like to eat my boxes of chocolates slowly and savour every mouthful, and that’s how I plan to enjoy this book, if only I can stop myself from being greedy.

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