Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wax and more.

I just bought WaxWorks’ West DVD about Encaustic on Paper. A real impulse buy. The ladies give an awful lot of information, but I really had not thought it through, I was taken by the idea of wonderful waxed papers, and the emphasis is on encaustic, using lots of equipment I don’t currently own – though I could be seriously tempted. If you read this regularly you will know how fickle I can be. So a bit of a disappointment, which is not really to do with the DVD but my expectations. Anyway, it has encouraged me  to play with the wax pot again. I have decided that on the whole I prefer beeswax to soy wax, although the latter has great advantages when working with fabric and is environmentally good, but it does have an unpleasant smell; at least I think so

These are some papers I have worked on. My favourites are the coffee filter with holes and graphite powder, and the pattern on teabags using a batik tool.

Here is a link to some lovely work by patti of Missouri Bend Studio. I particularly like the beaded book page; I like the work so much that I am jealous that I didn’t make it. By the way she does have an etsy shop:

Here is another link to some experimental knitting by' Wax and Wool' on ordinary objects such as bus tickets ,take away cups etc. which is fascinating. She has a new blog so drop by and leave a comment.
This is the very last chance to book for the course starting on November 3rd at the National Needlework Archive. If you are anywhere near come and join in; it’s a real bargain and hopefully lots of fun. I'm just about to go round the house taking down the mud cloth, kuba cloth etc. to use as our design inspiration.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Stitchworks' book on Blurb

The first few pages of my blurb book. Available over at Blurb.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Collage and Stitch

At the start of the month I went to the first session of the Contemporary Textile Workshop I am attending twice a term. I went on the train and got thoroughly soaked before I found the college, but apart from that it was a good start.

We were asked to take a colourful object and then to draw and paint a still life from the grouped objects. We went through the process again from a different angle and added one colour to each piece of work by the other participants before joining and cutting up our collages into four six inch pieces.

I printed out two of the ‘designs’ using ink aid and added some hand and machine stitch.

On the second one I added some pieces from old book pages using gel medium.

A while ago I was given some T-shirt transfer paper and as I had never used it thought I would have a go using the other two ‘designs’. The outcome was not so good as the colours are not true and the texture strange, but I have used them to make a small book. I sewed the pages onto cable ties using the method I learned for medieval binding.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Found Object

I started this piece after reading Cas Holmes’ new book ‘The Found Object in Textile Art’. I used her basic process of layering papers and fabric onto a piece of cotton using wallpaper paste.

I have a fairly large collection of sweet papers etc so it was no problem finding the papers. My theme is Dubrovnik in case you had not guessed and I used one of my sketches, machining from the back which is one of her tips. Another suggestion from the book was to soften papers by using a form of a Japanese kneading method called 'momigami'; I used this on a piece of brown paper which had been layered with paint and acrylic wax, and it did take on the feel of fabric.

I also used foam stamps of faces for the crowds which are ever present in the old town.

At this point I really didn’t like it, so having added a layer of net in places to knock it all back a bit, I then followed the advice in the book and cut it up. Val Campbell-Harding would have been proud of me.

I used a layer of Japanese tissue from Faulkiners in the gap and have now machined and hand stitched a new image of the cathedral emphasising the crosses made by the building planks. I will have to leave it for a while now to hang on my wall and see what I think when I come back to it.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Workshop at Greenham Common

For anyone in the right area you may like to come along to this five week course in which we will use a collection of ethnic textiles as a design source for designing and making an embroidered panel.
For the first session all you need is paper,drawing materials,a camera if possible, and an apron.
The first sessions will play with design methods which could be applied to any source.
I want people to be creative and have fun.

Ethnic Inspiration for Textiles

Five weeks.

 Starts 3rd November 2010

10.30-12.30pm  £60

Details here.

The Old Chapel Textile Centre


Tel: 01635 38740 email:

Monday, October 04, 2010

More stamps.

My husband was fascinated by this fisherman, who seemed to come down to the harbour in Dubrovnik every day with his rod, a bucket and a cat. We never worked out if the cat followed him for the fish or was his own cat. It was a good ‘friendship’ as the cat regularly got fed.

I am still enjoying playing with foam stamps which have so much potential.

These are the goodies which I received from Diane in the USA for the paper and ephemera swap. Not sure how I will use them at the moment, but at some point they will be just what I need.

I went with a friend to Origin last week and admired all the wonderful craft work on display. I also managed to buy some presents, lucky people. Spitalfields Market is much posher than when I last went, and I do suspect it may have been tidied up too much.

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