Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As requested a few pictures from my recent holiday, already becoming a
 distant memory.
I did some sketches for my homework whilst I was there, but I still find it intimidating to sketch outside in public. Fortunatley we had plenty of life and activity in the market square just below our window.

A view down Stadum which despite the huge volume of crowds every day remains quite breath taking and beautiful.
Many of the roofs had to be rebuilt after the city was shelled in 1991, and from the walls you can see the contrast between the old roofs and those that have been replaced.

Either someone preserving their summer crop or doing a bit of solar dyeing.

There is plenty of design potential here and below it looks like the washing has been colour co-ordinated with the walls.

The day that a man came round to feed the pigeons; I missed the best picture as a cat pounced on the pile of pigeons feeding on the grain.


  1. Mmh! Look at those pickles on the sill, and those wonderfully colourful washing lines that remind me so of Europe. xJ

  2. If your sketches are all like this one I wouldn't worry about being watched! I share that feeling but then my sketches are not as good as yours. Lovely photos - another interesting place to go on the list of places to visit.

  3. Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps...I am nosey and love looking at other people's pictures.

  4. Absolutely Wonderful photos!!!!!


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