Monday, October 04, 2010

More stamps.

My husband was fascinated by this fisherman, who seemed to come down to the harbour in Dubrovnik every day with his rod, a bucket and a cat. We never worked out if the cat followed him for the fish or was his own cat. It was a good ‘friendship’ as the cat regularly got fed.

I am still enjoying playing with foam stamps which have so much potential.

These are the goodies which I received from Diane in the USA for the paper and ephemera swap. Not sure how I will use them at the moment, but at some point they will be just what I need.

I went with a friend to Origin last week and admired all the wonderful craft work on display. I also managed to buy some presents, lucky people. Spitalfields Market is much posher than when I last went, and I do suspect it may have been tidied up too much.


  1. great stamps you make them yourself ? and out of what ?...Lovely pics of your hols just catching up....x

  2. I love how free your work is. Your sketching and printing is just great xo

  3. Love your stamps, I'm also using foam at the moment burning into it with a wood carving tool.

  4. Wonderful line drawings & stamps. I love a repeating image.


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