Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I have continued to enjoy using the Xcut and improving my knowledge of linocut. ‘Lino-cut Friends’ on Facebook is a good source of information and inspiration; of course the Xcut now has its own group. What have I learned in my experiments? I like using the green Japanese vinyl, which I find much easier to cut than traditional lino or easy cut. I don’t like the tins of Calico Safe Wash, which seem to develop a skin almost immediately; beware if you buy the larger amounts as it comes in a tin rather than the tube. I had a go at masking  part of an image which was quite successful. 

 After watching a video on mono print and linocut on You Tube, I intend to experiment much more with that approach. The artist I watched is Favianna Rodriguez, who gives a very generous insight into her process. I found a sketch book image and adapted that, with plenty of white space to show the mono-print through.I have bought two small rollers which I think will help. I also made some marks with my dremel, which has potential for more trials.

You need plenty of wipes to clean up and it can be a messy process in the bathroom sink. I now know to use less ink which makes the clean-up less daunting.
Does anyone in the UK know where to obtain small sheets of Plexiglas?
Just for fun another 'icolorama' image.

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