Friday, February 27, 2009

Textile Doodles

On March 11th I will be giving a two hour workshop at Doodles the new craft shop in Franklin Avenue, Tadley, Hampshire. They are arranging a number of two hour starter sessions in crafts such as mosaics, glass painting and basket weaving.
I have organized two now which I have really enjoyed and I think the participants have as well. This time I am planning black and white printing with found objects, as the past two were very bright and colourful.
We are going to make a small fold book of samples.

This is an interesting blog with lots of ideas for stamping. I was taken with the idea of stamping/printing onto pleated material and of course I had to have a go using a sliced apple and a piece of onion.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Printing Blocks

This was a Christmas present to myself. I bid on Ebay but didn't succeed so I sourced them on Etsy from Angiepea, whose shop I would recommend. They were in a lovely polished condition when they arrived but as you will notice I have been using them since.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fashioned Pages

I have started going to a drawing class locally, unfortunately it was closed last week so I started to play with some of the charcoal sketches from the previous two weeks. I am realistic about my current standard of drawing but I do feel that the Access Course has made me far more confident and improved my work. The drawing sessions on the course were sometimes really dispiriting as the standard was mostly so high.

I scanned parts of the drawings and used layers and ‘colour match’ from a photo of a flower.
I transferred the images using a gel medium onto white felt and cotton.This is fun to do and I suppose the next step would be to manipulate the photos of the stitched pieces on the computer. Well, you could just keep on playing really.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Snow

Yes, Gunnel I do like the snow, mainly because I don't now have to juggle work with closed schools and slippery roads. I feel for all the parents trying to manage mixed committments in the present weather. For me it can now be just be a pretty picture.

This is a piece I made for an exhibition to go with the previous one following City & Guilds. There was also a hanging , silk organza ,which I embroidered with words from a poem about returning home to a white house by a Welsh poet. It seemed appropriate to get it out in the present weather.
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