Friday, November 22, 2013

Small and mini.

I made some small books with pamphlet stitch using some of the gelliprints from a previous session.

Finding just the right button.

Thanks to inspiration from Ines Seidel  one of my groups has made some paper bowls using brown paper, book pages, tissue and pressed leaves. Now we are making objects to put in the bowls such as paper flowers from book pages, and next week I hope we will make some mini books.

 All you need are some old book pages and something suitable for the cover; I was fortunate to be given some snake skin and I have some offcuts of leather so we are all set.

 I used glue to stick on the cover but in the past I have stitched in the pages. I really,really, need to tidy my 'mini' studio, but all that cardboard, those given treasures, boxes of buttons, bits of leather, they all have their day; but I am running out of space.


  1. love your mini books Jackie! and thanks for sharing the link to Ines...very inspirational :)

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Handmade books are wonderful and I love anything miniature, so the two together...!

  3. Love the small books - especially the glowing red one with the button. Gelli prints have such scope. I know there's lots more to explore.

  4. these books are great ... I will take the idea for using gelli prints that way with me!

  5. Hello Jackie, Love your books!


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