Saturday, November 30, 2013

A few more knots.

This week we practised Bullion Knots and I found a few of my samples, including  a whitework one which reminded me of the time that I planned to try to learn Mountmellick Work, a traditional Irish Embroidery, but did not get very far. 

If you have not tried this stitch it is quite addictive, but  takes some practise the first time, and then needs a warm up before you get back into some kind of rhythm each time.

 Many tutorials online now, but I found the method in Tracy Franklin's book on whitework to be the easiest to follow. It may be available in your local library as I know it is in mine.


  1. i love bullion knots - they can look so lifelike

  2. smashing bullions you have there!
    mine always look like emaciated worms!
    must look that book out lol and do the warming up run first too

  3. I love your stitching Jackie, bullion and French knots are my favourite stitches but I agree they are both difficult and I find I get a lot of knots-not the right kind though! x


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