Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gelli,lino and Stitch

I had another go at linocut with a gelli plate background. I also cut out some pieces and added some stitch, easy to take it to the sewing machine as I was working on strong watercolour paper.

 I decided that rubbing with the back of a spoon works better for me than using the Speedball baren.

In the one below I added some bling, which is not usually my thing.I cut out the image and added it to
a piece of my handmade paper with machine stitch.

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  1. I like these very much. The handstitch in thick thread is especially effective in the top one. I've been playing around on and off with stitch on paper and have found light threads don't get the effect I want so I rather gave up. I will now try using perlé 5 or 3. Thanks for the tip...


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