Thursday, July 31, 2014

'On the Shelf' Part One

This week I have been on an interesting course at City Lit in London which involved ideas for monoprinting on paper and fabric and non-traditional applique with hand stitch. In preparation for the three day course we were asked to take along some objects or images to act as inspiration. I thought I would go for something prosaic and easily at hand, but with scope to lead to other ideas and interpretation, so my theme is ‘On the Shelf’; an expression which used to mean that you were long past it, and had no chance of the ultimate goal i.e. marriage and babies, I suppose the equivalent nowadays would be ‘past the use by date’. It probably doesn’t really have an equivalent as goals have changed and certainly age perimeters have done. At the moment I am simply taking it as what you find on a typical shelf in the average home, and probably never give a second glance to.

I took some photographs around my home and then manipulated them on the ipad with a number of apps..

Fabric applique like patterns can be built up using the iColorama app..

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