Thursday, August 07, 2014

'On the Shelf' Two

For the next step I made some ‘prints’ on paper using blocks made from ‘fun foam’. I liked the black lines left on the prints when I drew the shapes with pencil. 

I made a stencil cutting out some of the shapes I saw in the photographs. I worked into these prints in various ways,  spraying through stencils and drawing into them etc..I used acrylic paint and textile medium in a fine tipped bottle to add writing. I also used a dimensional white paint to write with.

 It was all very absorbing.


  1. These have turned out amazing. I see you used textile medium so I assume they are on fabric. I have some stamps I made out of fun foam a while ago.You have inspired me to get the fun foam out and make some more.

    1. They all prints on paper. Thanks for your comment.

  2. You have made a simple shelf still life so exciting! Wonderful to catch up here with your diverse creations. I popped in to the Art in Action post (that's where it all started for me, AinA) but I got so distracted by the link to the on site stitcher I forgot to come back!


Comments are always much appreciated. Thank you.

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