Friday, July 25, 2014

'Art in Action'

‘Art in Action’ is an annual event held in the grounds of Waterperry House near Oxford, we have not been for some years as the last time as we parked in the field car park the heavens opened and throughout the day there were storms.  The poor artists were occupied trying to save their work from the deluge. This year rain and lightning was forecast but we soldiered on as I had bought tickets, our luck was in as we had a lovely dry day with just the right amount of sunshine, so that the marquees were not horrendously hot as they had been on the previous day. Here are a few photos to give a glimpse of the event for those of you not fortunate enough to be there:

Roanna Wells working on her perfect stitching, an aerial view of the Tour de France bike race.

Here is a new hero of mine, whoever thought of performance art using the sewing machine, and who could possibly be brave and talented enough to set up their sewing machine in an Indian market and start making portraits on cloth of the locals, surely
only Harriet Riddell


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