Friday, July 11, 2014

'Stitch Along'

I am pleased to be one of the ten contributors to Jenny Doh’s latest book ‘Stitch Along’. This is a fun project based book to which we were each asked to contribute three stitched items along with the sketch designs they were based upon. Jenny’s request came two years ago and makes me realize what a long process it is getting a book together.

 I had previously made a sketchbook for a group which had a year’s theme of birds, I wanted to join in with the group but have something of a phobia of birds, so decided to make mine quirky and use the title Rare Birds. Jenny agreed that this would also work for my theme for ‘Stitch Along’.
This is the fabric cover of the little sketchbook that flew all the way to the USA and back again. You can see some of the sketches on the Sketchbook Challenge blog.

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