Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rabbit Bones

Mark making to get myself out of the doldrums led to this little piece, 9.5 inches square, which kept me occupied for most of the week.

 It is initially embellished rusted bandage and silk onto a commercial felt background with a centre of waxed and discharged fabric.

 I did more embellishing, couching and hand stitching and generally just had fun with it. I even used some glitz in the form of a copper metallic thread.

 In order to make the little ‘Os’ I had to go back to my own video for the Stitched Workshops to remind myself how to work them!

I'm looking forward to a trip to The Knit and Stitch Show in the next couple of weeks,  to seeing new work and finding new enthusiasms.
(Click for a closer view).


  1. beautiful textures and colours in this piece!

  2. I love this piece of work Jackie, the rust and metallic thread compliment it beautifully. jayne x

  3. Just beautiful Jackie! I'm a new visitor but not for long..back forever for visits from now on! So much to see and to enjoy and appreciate! Lovely!!!

  4. Jackie ... wonderful piece and I love the colouring ... and the close-ups really showed your stitches well !
    Glad the doldrums are gone ... I had my share of them this summer, too.

  5. oh gosh, i love this....nice to learn from yourself. ha!

  6. lovelovelove your blog...(via jude)

  7. Love seeing where your marks have lead Jackie ... some beauty which I hope lifted your spirits.


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