Saturday, September 22, 2012

More September Marks

My posts are becoming more and more wordless. Everything feels a bit blocked at the moment. Today I did some mark making just to work on something, and here are some images produced. Wax and bleach discharge.

 I do have some Jacquard Discharge Paste, but having tried it once again recently, I have decided I just cannot stand the smell. It is one for the rubbish bin. I don't like the smell of bleach either but it is far less unpleasant.

 By the way, and I am sure that as sensible people I don't have to warn you not to try this, but I did; I tried discharge paste on a sketchbook page, completely forgetting that I had previously stuck in an encaustic image -- ironing the page, as you can well imagine, made a terrible mess of the wax on the previous  page. Funny in retrospect.


  1. I think sometimes we do become blocked. It is good to just step away and just do something. It always seems to turn into something you can work into at a later date. I don't mind wordless posts, sometimes the images do the talking. Hope you feeling better soon. jayne x

  2. Great doodly marks! I'm not that keen on the discharge paste either must admit!

  3. We can always make a mark even if we don't know what to do with it - I'm telling myself this too! It's been great catching up here with your wonderful work.


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