Monday, September 03, 2012

Completed Nuno Felt

This small piece of felt, which measure 8.5 by 5.5 inches, is now finished, other than perhaps deciding how to display it. I have used merino wool tops on a muslin base.

 Embellishing, with machine and a little hand stitching added. I like the colours, it is quite tactile and I am particularly pleased with the edges, which don’t really show up properly in the photos, close up you can see the tiny threads of muslin which appear after embellishing.

Thanks for your comments on the slideshow, sorry Margaret that I could not get back to you 'personally'.

It will be the last week of my drawing class tomorrow. The discipline of sitting and drawing for two hours has been good. Something I would find difficult to achieve at home. I had to add a piece of paper at the top to get the handle in; my sheet of paper never seems to be big enough!


  1. I like it all! I could look at your work for hours........

  2. Looks wonderful Jackie. I'm back in the stitch world, a bit; catching up with my fav's, loving what you have been up to. x

  3. It is lovely to see the finished piece jackie, it is lovely, i love the subtle colours you have chosen, you must be so pleased with it. jayne x


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