Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pattern from Ethnic Embroideries.

Trying to keep awake today, for some reason I really only feel like sleeping. Despite that I have been practising a bit of pattern making for a U3A course I am running next week.

 We will be developing a design from ethnic embroideries and then going on to do some shisha work.

 What struck me most was the contrast of tufted areas with geometric patterns and neat areas of straight satin type stitch. I made a print block using this idea of contrast.

An Italian online journal has featured some images of my work. The journal is  all about pattern and prints so worth taking a look at the editor’s selections here.


  1. Your work online in that journal is fabulous! What a wonderful spread. Congrats!

  2. I would love to attend that workshop, I love ethnic textiles, especially shisha work, I have always loved indian embroidery and have been fortunate enough to attend a talk by Julia Triston on her travels in india. Will pop over to read article, you must be thrilled. jayne x


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