Monday, July 30, 2012


Working on this piece with printed images of bones, a bit frustrating at the moment as I don’t really feel I like it. Some moments I think this will be OK but not when I see it from a distance. I think deep down one usually knows when something is working. I decided today to just play around with it and try and have fun, and that approach has helped. Let’s face facts, it doesn't really matter to anyone but me.
Sketchbook page:-

I am working on black commercial felt, with painted fabric and, of course, a touch of bandage.
I hope some of you had a look at Art Click TV as I thoroughly enjoyed two of their free videos and hope they will continue with the experiment in the future.
I am really enjoying looking at the work on this site, and finding it both inspiring and daunting in its wonderful simplicity and authenticity. It is the work of Alice Fox who is currently artist in residence at Spurn Point.


  1. Alices Spurn work is striking but then spurn itself is an amzingly atmospheric place so she couldnt help but be inspired!
    I really like your bones! the shapes are striking and interesting............will you have weeny red lines for a blood supply in there too? lol

  2. great work by you and love Alice Fox
    work ...will follow with interest..x

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this piece develops. I hate it when you do not like your work, it sometimes comes good though jayne x

  4. This piece looks very intriguing. Look forward to seeing it develop.


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