Sunday, July 15, 2012


A couple of interesting links today and a few photos of beach finds from Swanage.

Art click TV   is currently offering quite a number of free videos due to the fact that they are linked to advertising. The more interest they get will encourage them to keep this feature which is currently only for July. I have really enjoyed a couple of free showings this weekend when I was not in the mood for much else. The advertising is not at all intrusive. Take a look so we can keep them posting more shows.

If you are anywhere near Stafford, Unit Twelve gallery seems as if it would be worth a look. The link was sent to me by Kirsty Whitlock whose work will be featured in a new exhibition which runs from August 2nd to 27th October.

Found: vb. to bring into being; to discover by chance; to come upon by searching; to perceive. 
Work from Jennifer Collier, Judith Brown, Lucy Elsie Harvey, Alys Power, Kirsty Whitlock, 
Print garage (a.k.a Iain Perry), Naomi Greaves, Lucy Harding and Tracie Murchison (pictured). 

  Unfortunately I am at the other end of the country but it is good to see what is going on. There are also a number of interesting workshops linked in with the exhibition.

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