Sunday, July 22, 2012

Change again.

I have been busy over the last few weeks with a new project, one of those you have to keep under wraps for a while, and with, more importantly, a son’s wedding. Now I have chance to return to the Change, Transform, Disintegrate project. I remember showing some of this, i.e. the buttons whilst in progress and it is still in progress, but now I think not much more to do.

 This is worked on a piece of felt made with merino wool tops and some quite shaggy fleece which I was given and washed and prepared myself.

 I think it has the look of rabbit skin. So some felting, some embellishing and hand stitch. More stitching needed to complete it.

Way back in May this year Margaret Applin of' Scrap, Wisdom, Collage 'surprised me with a post about my little self-published blub book which she had been kind enough to buy. Here, belatedly, is a link to her blog and the post about it. You can learn a lot about using thermo fax screens from her blog.

I like the new light-box feature on Blogger which means that you can click on a photo to see it enlarged;especially as my template means that it is often difficult to show a nice large close-up.


  1. Lovely piece, Jackie!

  2. really love this work Jackie. How large is it? Are you going to frame it, use it???? Beautiful.

  3. Dimensions are 20x7inches. I am working to a series and would love to exhibit them at some point or perhaps write up the process.

  4. lovely work Jackie ...x

  5. What a lovely piece Jackie, love the colour palette and all the buttons. jayne x

  6. That is lovely piece of work.

  7. What a gorgeous piece, such great texture and dimension.


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