Saturday, August 04, 2012

Black Bones

Just a few pictures of ‘black bones’; after deciding to use it to experiment a bit more there were some better moments. Unfortunately my trusty Pfaff decided to play up. I think the problem was thread caught in the tension disc and hopefully it is now sorted with the help of a £20 note.

 Perhaps I will end up being drastic with this piece and cutting it up and starting again - I did get quite bold, slashed it in places and then embellished some muslin/bandage in the gaps! I also punched a few holes.

I am starting a summer drawing class locally for five weeks next week, depending on class numbers being sufficient, which will hopefully  help to refresh my drawing skills.
Thank you to all for your recent encouragement.
You need to click on the photos for more detail as my template does not allow larger photos.


  1. Your work looks very interesting, full of texture and movement.

  2. this is looking lovely Jackie, I especially like the stitch on the first photograph to my eye it looks like a heavier weight like waxed thread or something. Would have loved to attend the drawing class, hope it goes well. Jayne x

  3. Beautiful work, I love the textures and the color is fab.
    Cheers, Jo

  4. Just love these black bones Jackie. The drawing class will be fun ..... I believe good drawing is at the core of all good art whether it is evident or not!


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