Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wax and more.

I just bought WaxWorks’ West DVD about Encaustic on Paper. A real impulse buy. The ladies give an awful lot of information, but I really had not thought it through, I was taken by the idea of wonderful waxed papers, and the emphasis is on encaustic, using lots of equipment I don’t currently own – though I could be seriously tempted. If you read this regularly you will know how fickle I can be. So a bit of a disappointment, which is not really to do with the DVD but my expectations. Anyway, it has encouraged me  to play with the wax pot again. I have decided that on the whole I prefer beeswax to soy wax, although the latter has great advantages when working with fabric and is environmentally good, but it does have an unpleasant smell; at least I think so

These are some papers I have worked on. My favourites are the coffee filter with holes and graphite powder, and the pattern on teabags using a batik tool.

Here is a link to some lovely work by patti of Missouri Bend Studio. I particularly like the beaded book page; I like the work so much that I am jealous that I didn’t make it. By the way she does have an etsy shop:

Here is another link to some experimental knitting by' Wax and Wool' on ordinary objects such as bus tickets ,take away cups etc. which is fascinating. She has a new blog so drop by and leave a comment.
This is the very last chance to book for the course starting on November 3rd at the National Needlework Archive. If you are anywhere near come and join in; it’s a real bargain and hopefully lots of fun. I'm just about to go round the house taking down the mud cloth, kuba cloth etc. to use as our design inspiration.


  1. Imagine my delighted surprise to see your mention of MissouriBendStudio in this post....Thanks so much for your kind words and providing a link! I do have a shop on etsy ( if anyone is interested. But more importantly, wanted to say I LOVE these pieces you shown here that you are working about being jealous!!! Beautiful! Many thanks and look forward to seeing more of YOUR work! Best wishes, Patti (MissouriBendStudio)

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Just wondering if you could say a little more about the advantage of soy wax with fabric. I too have purchased a DVD about encaustic; no plans, just wanted to enjoy learning about the method sometime when I'm in the mood.


  3. Jackie, thank you so much for mentioning my new project and blog. On the subject of wax, I've had combining wax and paper on my mind.

    I've dabbled in encaustic, but found it an extremely challenging medium. I do adore beeswax. My two favorite tools are a heat gun and a crock pot. Nothing melts wax faster and I got it for next to nothing at the thrift store. Thanks again!

  4. Love the pages you've created here. I would so sign up for your class if I was in the area. Maybe consider offering an online class???

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it helps me to stay focused too.
    With regards Encaustic Art. I tried some experiments and had some really good results just using good quality wax crayons and an old travel iron. I say improvise. Good Luck with your experiments. Tricia


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