Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Found Object

I started this piece after reading Cas Holmes’ new book ‘The Found Object in Textile Art’. I used her basic process of layering papers and fabric onto a piece of cotton using wallpaper paste.

I have a fairly large collection of sweet papers etc so it was no problem finding the papers. My theme is Dubrovnik in case you had not guessed and I used one of my sketches, machining from the back which is one of her tips. Another suggestion from the book was to soften papers by using a form of a Japanese kneading method called 'momigami'; I used this on a piece of brown paper which had been layered with paint and acrylic wax, and it did take on the feel of fabric.

I also used foam stamps of faces for the crowds which are ever present in the old town.

At this point I really didn’t like it, so having added a layer of net in places to knock it all back a bit, I then followed the advice in the book and cut it up. Val Campbell-Harding would have been proud of me.

I used a layer of Japanese tissue from Faulkiners in the gap and have now machined and hand stitched a new image of the cathedral emphasising the crosses made by the building planks. I will have to leave it for a while now to hang on my wall and see what I think when I come back to it.


  1. oh wow! i love them - the sweet seven.... ;-)


  2. Thats interesting, you started with a lot of orange but then you pulled most of it out. The finished piece has the orange stitching.

  3. I like a lot what I see on the 1. photo - hope you didn´t cut that part...;) charming word, momigami - seems to go very nicely with the creative activities you unfolded here...

  4. I love that you not only have a collection of sweets wrappers, but also how you used them. I've had discards on my mind for a while.

  5. Sweet papers fabric & glue, a fabulous mix. What rich colors you're using. I tried mauling a piece of packaging into submission but didn't know it had a name - nearly did for my hands! Interesting idea to stitch your design from the back, less distracting & a bit serendipitous?

    Can't wait to see more, once you've had a think ;)

  6. love how this is going. I just got her book and am SO inspired by it too!

  7. Hi Jackie,
    Not sure if I have come across your blog before but I notice that you too have bought Cas Holmes new book. I went to her exhibition last week in Maidstone. I live in Kent now and I used to many years ago, we moved back about 4 years ago. We did live in Hampshire towards the end of the 90's. Thought I would drop by and say hello and say how colourful your work is. It is a delight to the eyes. Best Wishes Tricia

  8. Great to see people having a go. I have to remind myself almost daily to experiment more and take the advice in my own book!

    all best



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