Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This small felt bag was made just before Christmas, and as you see I have been braver and made it without seams and still managed some free machining. The colour is probably more delicate and prettier than the photos show.

It’s basically merino with silk wisps and some beading. I don’t have my two previous bags and brooches as they were given as gifts. I did my best to give some handmade presents, which included three key rings made out of pieces of mecano by Reform, and a moleskin zine self published by an artist whose drawing I admire. Other presents came from Charity shops.
One guest gave us a pot of delicious homemade Beetroot and Orange Chutney in a lovely decorated jar complete with designed label.

I know most people are too far away but just to let anyone interested know, I am organizing three workshops at The Hurst, Tadley(0118 981 12397) starting on Saturday 6th February. They are linked and will be about designing an embroidered panel using ethnic textiles as a design source. My tuition on HEN is ongoing, i.e. you can join 'The Painted Kantha' or 'Printing with Found Objects' at any time.


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I love your bag! Very clever to manage machine stitching on seamless felt. It looks fantastic.

  2. Love the shape and colour....and the machine embroidery makes it!

  3. This is a very lovely piece...I love the soft colors and the ways the stiching plays with the silk on top

  4. So cute! I love the way the round beads pick up the circle motif.

  5. I love this little bag - it's gorgeous :-)
    Britt in Western Australia

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! jan

  7. That's a fabulous piece of work!

  8. such a beautiful and unique piece!!!


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