Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Painted Papers

These are another couple of samples from my recent course. The idea was to take in an image, paint papers and then layer marks to make interesting surfaces for stitch.

I enjoyed the course but I feel there was a gap about how to move these samples along, and how to develop ideas. Perhaps that is just my mood having been snowed in for weeks. This is what it look like from my window in deepest Hampshire. Very pretty, but I've had enough now.What wimps we must seem to those of you in areas with hugh snow falls every winter.

The Day Service Centre where I work two days a week has been closed and my car snowed in. I have been to another course and spent most of the week’ ifing and butting’ about whether it would be cancelled and if I went might I get stranded. As it was in central London there was no problem at all on Sunday and thanks to my husband I had a lift to the station and back. It was great to be out and about and with people.


  1. wow, looks so pretty. mst be a pain though being practically stranded! glad you were able to make it to the course though.

  2. Lovely photographs. Know what you mean about cabin fever, I've been out in my car for the first time in a week. It was just lovely to walk around.

  3. love the papers and I too know what you mean about cabin fever - I too am quite fed up with it all now! I can at least get out but I am not encouraged too as the pavements and side roads are very icy and trecherous.

  4. Such gorgeous papers, these would be great in a journal. Fabulous colours. Lovely snow, we're having a heat wave over here, temperatures have been around 110 deg F


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