Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Have a go?

This is a project you may want to have a go at; I got the basic idea from a product review on the Great Art Blog about the use of Catalyst Wedges. I liked the idea of colouring in the mono print which results.

I used A2 water colour paper. The mono print was made using black and white acrylic paint with the addition of Open Medium, this meant that I had more time to work the print and also that I had the opportunity to make a number of smaller prints from the same marks onto A4 copy paper. I worked on a large sheet of acrylic. I fancied working bigger than my gelli plate.
I made two large mono print one in grey and the other black. It struck me that we have no need to buy the expensive adult colouring books which are now so popular when it is so easy to make one’s own version; this definitely absorbed me for some hours, colouring in the marks made with the wedges, of course you can make the marks with anything that comes to hand, for instance a comb or shape cut from a piece of card.

Then I started to colour in areas using mostly gouache but with some watercolour paint as I ran out of yellow gouache.

I then decided to cut up the A2 sheet into four A4 pieces and took them to the sewing machine to add some interest.
The smaller mono print were slipped inside the ‘covers’ with about five pieces of plain copy paper.

 I then sewed the little booklets together, but you could make four small books and sew with pamphlet stitch, or even on the sewing machine.

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