Saturday, September 19, 2015

Block Print - Distort Part Two

 The next stage was to try out the block on fabric, which usually means cutting away more areas which are not as you want them and are showing up more clearly on fabric. There was not too much to cut away but I made a few adjustments.

Printing on fabric.

Machine quilting one of the printed pieces.

Trying out the scrim distorted but not yet coloured.

The scrim painted.

I was concerned that the scrim would obliterate the image too much, I wanted the effect of the grasses blowing across the image. When it was all in place and the edges needle-felted onto white felt I was pleased with the result.


  1. Love your flower stamp
    (ha, ha, it's a bit like broccoloi now ;-) ...)

    1. True, a good source of vitamins!

  2. I love the print and the thing you've done with the scrim!!

    I might just pick your brain over that at some time.....

    x C


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