Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I have been enjoying trying out some of the classes over on Skill Share; enjoy is perhaps not quite the right word as pleasure and frustration are equally mixed as I try to get to grips with computer programmes which I have never used before. Some of the classes are excellent but others are definitely not for the beginner. If you fancy trying out the range of classes there is usually a cheap introductory rate. Here are some of the repeat patterns which I have made:
Also over the last week I have been to my experimental drawing class and tried drawing whilst watching a video of a moving figure. This was enjoyable and introduced me to the dancer Sylvie Guillame
I took photos of my drawings and then played with them in the Icolorama app.

I also watched a TV programme about contemporary images and discovered the amazing large scale drawings of Jenny Saville   in fact I think someone on my Access Course did a presentation on her work but I didn't thoroughly appreciate it at the time.

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