Saturday, September 12, 2015

Block Print Distort Part One

I had the idea to try block printing with the distorted scrim technique. So first of all I had some fun making the block, I used Moo carving medium which is easier to use than the thin material which can be bought. My carving is pretty basic and I have no idea how people manage to get such intricate patterns, I am sure that like everything else it is probably down to practise.

I decided to leave the lines in the background of the block which I felt looked like the grasses in the field, and which I could later echo when I machined the scrim.

 I tried it out on paper first.

Then I took photos and made some ' app prints ' on the ipad.

To be continued......................................................


  1. Love these prints (and the plate), Jackie!

  2. Love some of the ipad manipulations and looking forward to seeing where it goes from here...

  3. Fabulous, I have the plant on my wallpaper and always find them calming......must try this myself and I agree the background lines add to the whole effect!

  4. It is fascinating reading about your process. I think it came out wonderfully.


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