Saturday, August 29, 2015


I have always been fascinated by walking along the shore line and collecting bits and pieces of shells, wood and other salvage. We now have a house by the sea and hopefully will be spending more time there in the future, ‘Crabstones’, and this should give me time to collect more and more ……

I ordered some hemp and nettle thread which is interesting in itself and tried to remember how to crochet, mine is more like amateur knotting but fun.

I am in part inspired by Gooseflesh’s collections on Flickr and certainly by the way she weaves and crochet around her finds. 

You don’t necessarily need the seaside as a number of people have been weaving over flat stones and branches. I tried using a piece of Hampshire flint.
If you have a go let me know.


  1. Just love this work, I am also a great collector of all things from the sea. I recently participated in an Alice Fox course where we wove on and with beach finds. I have also been enjoying your posts about Distorts

  2. I would also like to say thank you for introducing me to a new yarn company. I use a lot of nettle and hemp in my work good to find another ethical supplier.

  3. Very inspiring work. I like the 'raw'way your findings and the crocheting looks. I love the sea and the things you can find there too. I'm sorry I don't see the sea that often. But sticks and leaves are always inspiring. On my fridge Ihave skeletons (?) of leaves I found in the garden the last few weeks. I am sure that one day I will transform them!

  4. uh huh ... LOVE the things Helle Jorgensen makes !

  5. Hi Jackie
    Just wanted to thank you again for my little blue textile piece that you sent me via the UK. Back from my travels now and it's looking at me from my design board, to give me inspiration.
    Do love your encapsulated finds here.

  6. Wonderful use of beach odds and ends. Now I can think of new uses for my beachy collections.


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