Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Patched and Pieced ' Stitching

Starting to stitch and taking it slowly, bit by bit.

I placed it on a muslin backing and tacked it into place, using Jude Hill's method and it has made it nicer to work, feeling more like a whole cloth.

I am using some Kantha type border stitches in places.


  1. I really like your b/w works!

  2. Love the texture and varied stitch - and of course the black and white. It'll be fascinating to see where it goes ...

  3. Lovely stitching and great contrast. I believe the stitching where you are looping the thread under and around the base tacking is called banjara.

  4. I am completely entranced by this and your previous black and white post Jackie. I haven't been keeping up with my bloghopping and look what I have been missing out on! Beautiful work and marks.

    1. Thanks all for the comments; I follow your interesting book collaborations susan and wish you luck with your digital sketching Vicki.


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