Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black and White.

These pieces of fabric were discharged with bleach, in some parts using freezer paper masks, and then the action of the bleach was stopped using sodium metabisulphate, having discussed how to stop the bleach with one of the artists in the working studio at the Festival of Quilts last summer. It was something I used to use when it was the fashion to brew one’s own beer and used it to sterilize the bottles. I wore a mask and gloves when using it.

Patching and piecing.

Choosing threads.

Over on the Sketchbook Challenge blog the theme is collage in the sketchbook.

 There are some changes this year, a set of new themes and a Flickr slideshow of participants work at the end of each month.


  1. Wonderful discharging. I'm curious...where did you find black fabric that actually discharged to white? Never been able to locate any so mine is all in tones of rust and tan. Enjoy!

  2. Ditto what Jennifer asked. Actually, the only black fabric I've found that would discharge to white with bleach is cotton gauze. I, too, am curious what fabric you used.

    1. I have 'popped round' to Jennifer to answer her query, but just in case anyone else wants to know I used Silesia Cotton. It discharges to a dirty white, although I do like rust and tan.

  3. I really like the simple look of the b/w.


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