Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Looking through the Archives.

I was wondering what to write about this week when I was overcome by nostalgia, hence the look through the archives, not just of work but also of people remembered. When I see a ‘new’ technique demonstrated or read about one, I often think of a former tutor of mine. I think how much she would have enjoyed the process or, very often, that she showed me the same technique years ago.

 That person is Val Campbell-Harding, who died some years ago and who wrote what many will still consider to be the bible for machine embroidery, ‘Machine Embroidery, Stitch Techniques’; unfortunately mostly  in black and white. Just think what she could have produced with the current wonderful close up full colour photographs. 

Those of you who remember her will I am sure agree that she was not the easiest of tutors in many ways, but she had the sure knack of pointing to an aspect of work which one had done and knowing that that was the bit that you should pursue. I just felt like remembering her today and taking a look through my archives, and marvelling at the patience I had at the time.


  1. Wow - your pieces are just gorgeous!

  2. I do remember her book ... borrowed it from a guild library many times !!! But, at the time, could not afford a copy of my own.
    Yes, today's brilliant cameras would have been such a boon back then.
    Your archival work is wonderful !

  3. Don't forget Pam - she co-wrote the book!

    1. No I've not forgotten her ,nor how the room next to ours used to shake as her students machines got into full throttle!

  4. I have Valerie's Beaded Tassles book, which I've always loved. Didn't realize she'd passed on.

  5. That is lovely inspiring work, keep looking through those archives,please.

  6. Val was my mentor and I refer to her writings whenever I need some inspiration. She was so good to me personally and despite being so very busy on the other side of the world,often emailed telling me to make sure I tried something or another. That book you mentioned was what I used to teach myself free machine stitching... It's a bit of a bible. Pam didn't co-write that particular book btw. cheers Dale

  7. Wow, these pieces are pretty amazing.


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