Thursday, June 27, 2013

Half finished treasures.

Those of you who read the blog often may have noticed that there is a lot of procrastination and lots of play going on here. In the background I have some ideas for the next embellished piece but somehow can’t quite start on it, perhaps after my holiday. A couple of years ago I dyed and printed some fabric with thickened procion. I started a quilt but then just stopped.

 I think the machining just got too tedious and the purple dyed backing too over the top. Well over the last couple of weeks I found someone who I think will benefit from the gift of a quilt and so got it out of its box. Like so many other neglected pieces there was actually very little to do to finish it off.

 I also decided to make some labels. Did you know that there is a whole Pinterest site devoted to making fabric labels, well here it is.  I sketched mine on the ipad and then printed them out.

 One thing I have noticed is that both the ready for printing fabric and the dylon dyed fabric backing are so difficult to get a needle through. Not something I would want to do regularly. But now it is finished, I am pleased. I hope this may inspire you to get out one of your neglected half-finished treasures and bring it to life.


  1. I LOVE that quilt. The colors are to dye for. You? a procrastinator? I don't think so, not as far as this reader is concerned.

  2. Great quilt, I have lots of UFO's must do something with them, see you have inspired this reader! And no I didn't know about the labels on Pinterest, I'll check that out thanks for the link.

  3. Ah the UFOs box - yes well, we all have those. I try to think of it as being like a giant ideas box or the place where I put all those experiments that are too thick to go in my sketchbook - this makes me feel better and less as though I've wasted my time ...


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