Saturday, May 25, 2013

Drawing Workshop

On Friday I went to a drawing workshop, Drawing Large, at New Greenham Arts which is not far from where I live. The tutor was Sally Haynes and I like her experimental approach. There were only four of us there, and that was just as well as we really spread ourselves around the studio.

We started by doing some drawings of twigs and leaves using contour and blind drawing. We also did a drawing on a piece of overhead projector film. The drawings were torn up and collaged onto a large sheet of paper, together with some large drawings of the same objects made using the OHP to project them onto the studio wall. So lots of layers of drawings and the use of tracing paper.

 In the afternoon we made some rubbings in the studio, as it was too wet and windy to go outside, and repeated the process. Other exercises were suggested but as usual there is never enough time to try everything. I enjoy working large and this is not really possible for me at home so that it was good to have the opportunity to do so. One of the participants in particular produced some amazing work. I like it when I see some good work as it shows you what is possible. We also had the opportunity to view the exhibition for the Open Studio event which is at Greenham at the moment.

The above is A1 size and the the other piece is much bigger. The 'card' it is on is so strong that it was stapled to the studio wall and at the moment it refuses to lay flat in my little room.
One of my pieces was far from finished and the other rather messy, but I was encouraged to take photos of interesting parts and to develop these further. A busy day with plenty of stimulating ideas.


  1. This all sounds fascinating - and right up my street. Have you looked at Steven Aimone's book 'Expressive Drawing' - great experimental stuff and well worth a look if you don't know it.

  2. Sounds and looks great and your blog header is fantastic.
    I've just started a new blog you might like it. It's about my stepping into stitchwork.

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    These are great! They would make wonderful stitched pieces, especially on felt to retain that soft texture.


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