Monday, November 26, 2012


 This is a little bit of a cheat post as I am showing you some old photos and mosaics; most of them come from The Persistent Thread group on Flickr.  You may have read before that I have an inspiring view from my little room/studio, overlooking an open field which slopes up from the road below my window. I have often used it in one way or another for images. As I have just done that whilst practising my lino cuts, I thought I would seek out a few of the other images and put them together.

Harvest time and a print making course at City Lit..

Machine embroidery, sketching and photography.

A collagraph print and the prints made using a pasta machine.

A little bit of everything,including used envelopes(click for a clearer view).

Stitching on pulp paper,then photographed.

Photographed with a gauze texture added.


  1. What a lovely collection of work, your pasta machine prints are gorgeous.

  2. Jackie you are simply amazing!!! I love everything and you are soooo inspiring!!


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