Monday, November 12, 2012

New toys (tools).

Sometimes it is nice to give way to an impulsive buy and that is what I did when I bought myself three catalyst wedges. I feel pretty sure that with a bit of cardboard or a decorating tool that I can get a similar affects, but sometimes it’s good to buy something new and to get that parcel in the post.
For the amount of fun I have had with them, they did not exactly break the bank. Just listen to me, a sure Yorkshire woman, trying to justify spending a bit of money.

 There are a few videos that you can watch to get ideas for their use. I wonder about using them with wax; will the wax come off easily or will the tools have to be dedicated to future use with wax. Let me know if you have the answer.

 I bought mine from here   I think they are easily available in the US..


  1. Thanks for sharing, is that paper you have used them on? I wonder how they will work with fabric paints on fabric.

  2. Wow Jackie, they look great fun, I had not idea what a catalyst wedge was till I read your post. Great fun to be had with those I think! Jayne x

  3. I love those gizmos, seen them on others' blogs. Yes, they are available here through Dick Blick. Unfortunately, though, they are still too pricey for me these days, like $7 each. I could eat for a month for the price of a set of these. :(

  4. Results like that wouldnt have been easy with cardboard lol Great effects there and they look a nifty thing to hold and swathe about with ease!!

  5. Great effect and great colours!
    And I finished Jan and Jean's DVD, what a treasure! I have ordered a book or two and their other long DVD. I am ready to play with threads in a totally different way! Thanks and thanks!


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