Tuesday, December 04, 2012


A page from my sketchbook today; encaustic worked on handmade paper and then added to the sketchbook. There is a happy accident in the top right hand corner, after I had a nasty happening with discharge paste, which I mentioned previously, and had to repair this page by adding a scrap of material. I then discovered that by writing on tissue and then adding a layer of wax the writing looked as if it was on the material. I must come back to that idea.

I don’t know what your views are about Pin Interest, I know some people have really strong views against the use of their images on the site. I have not looked at it much until recently. I must say I was amazed at how many of my images have been pinned, of which I had no knowledge and not a comment made by the ‘pinner’.
The point is that I want to make a special mention of Eva Lundberg            who had the grace to email me and say that she liked my work and asked for my agreement for her to pin it. I was most impressed and have enjoyed looking at her pin board.

Dionne Swift, UK textile artist, is asking for anyone who has purchased a piece of her work to send her a photo of it in situ and she is putting them up on her site here. If you have not seen her work you may like to take a look.
Thank you to new followers and especially to those I have not been able to get back to.


  1. I love that piece in your sketchbook. I have now experience of encaustic but it looks very interesting. Jayne x

  2. cheers to happy accidents and this lovely piece!

    as far as i'm concerned, pinterest is free advertising and it is absolutely welcomed. when i find my work has been pinned, it's always a pleasant surprise.

  3. It's only free advertising if you get a credit, I think - I find Pinterest too mind boggling as it can suck you in ;)

    Lovely prints below - I can't wait to restart my pritmaking class next month - it's been a 2 yr wait for it to come back!

  4. Just love your workxx


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