Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am enjoying my workshop with Louise Baldwin at City Lit. in London; it is over three Saturdays but with a one week break for half term, which is nice as it gives one time to think things through a little. 
The theme is Transform, Change, and Disintegrate. In the first session we were shown pictures of work by artists who work with this theme, starting with a time lapsed film made by Sam Taylor-Wood. There was also a good list of artists whose work we could research, of course the internet now makes this so much easier. I particularly liked this aspect of the workshop because when you are out of the loop it’s good to be reminded of all the inspiring work which is around.

We then picked a few words to illustrate in samples. I worked with ‘peeling’ and slashed, and tore various papers before waxing them.

 Louise suggested that I look at the work of Antoni Tapies. I had never seen his work but this week he has been in the news having just died.

I then burned and waxed various papers to play around with. The resulting sample was not really successful, but the resulting photographs are interesting. There was also a lot of wire brushing of fabrics.


  1. Hi Jackie
    I love this sample with the burned and re-joined paper especially as I have been revisiting this technique and wondering what to do with it ... you have inspired me !

  2. I like the effects too, why did you think it wasnt suitable I wonder?
    the pictures themselves, blown up, torn and woven and then distressed would look good too!

  3. Very cool technique!! I love how you are layering and building this piece out. I will have to look up that artist to see more! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the close up shots of your samples, artworks in themselves. I'm off to follow your link.

  5. This looks like such a cool class. I find myself trying to look closer and see what's going on. So interesting and cool!

  6. Love your samples! I really like waxed paper and the distressing and your stitching works really well.


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